Maya LSL Spectrometer

Maya LSL Spectrometer

Low Stray Light with High Sensitivity

The Maya LSL spectrometer combines a back-thinned CCD array detector with low stray light optical design to produce high-sensitivity, high-throughput performance for applications ranging from chemical catalysis to Raman analysis. With rapid response and excellent accuracy, the Maya LSL is ideal for demanding applications in the life sciences and process monitoring industries, especially setups where speed and precision saves time, improves efficiency and reduces costs.

In process environments, Maya LSL’s combination of speed, sensitivity and throughput help to reduce measurement errors and ensure accuracy. LED sorting, plasma monitoring and quality control all benefit from the superior color accuracy of the Maya LSL. In addition, the spectrometer’s low stray light – 0.015% at 400 nm — extends its measurement range to 3.0 absorption units and provides great value to users making quantitative measurements.

Vacuum Base Products

Vacuum Compatible Solutions

Unique Product Offerings

These are low outgassing Products which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.

Vacuum Pedestral Bases Vacuum Pedestal Bases
Vacuum Posts holders Vacuum Posts holders
Vacuum Optical Baseplates Vacuum Base Plates
Vacuum Base Plates Vacuum Optical Baseplates
Vacuum Screw Set Vacuum Screw Set

SERS Substrates

SERS Substrates


Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy


Easy to use and provide great value for high-sensitivity Raman measurements

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Our gold, silver and nanosponge gold/silver SERS substrates let you make fast, repeatable SERS measurements for the identification and quantification of SERS-active analytes. Typical applications include trace level detection of explosives and narcotics and precision screening of food ingredients for controlled additives such as melamine and pesticides. SERS substrates also can be used for authentication and anti-counterfeiting applications using SERS-active taggants. Here are some key applications:

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Key Applications

  • Detection of explosives. Being able to identify trace levels of explosives allows us to better screen for threats at security checkpoints or on the battlefield.
  • Detection of narcotics.Fast identification of drugs in the field is a real boon for those combating drug-related crime. Often only small residues of a sample can be collected from a crime scene. SERS also opens up a potential route for fast roadside drug screening of drivers using saliva samples.
  • Food safety.Certain additives such as melamine found in milk powder can be extremely harmful even at very low concentrations. Using SERS, we can qualify and quantify the level of dangerous trace elements in our food supply chain.
  • Anti-counterfeit tagging.High value products that are subject to duties and taxes — petrol is one example — are often the target of piracy and fraud. By adding a small amount of  a SERS-active taggant to the unadulterated product, detecting the presence of the taggant becomes an instant indicator of authenticity.
  • Biological research.SERS can be used to identify and characterize biological samples including proteins, DNA and bacteria.
Laser wavelength (nm) RAM-SERS-AU (gold) RAM-SERS-AG (silver) RAM-SERS-SP (nanosponge)
532 Rhodamine 6G
638 Malachite green, crystal violet Rhodamine B Explosives
785 BPE, E. coli, pesticides Melamine

Ocean Optics introduces an innovative manufacturing method for SERS substrates. SERS amplifies the Raman effect by creating a plasmon resonance field. Using precisely controlled gold nanoparticles, Ocean Optics SERS substrates can amplify very weak Raman signals by many orders of magnitude, which is critical for trace level detection. Unlike many existing SERS products on the market, Ocean Optics SERS substrates are easy to use, affordable and can be mass produced with high repeatability for routine deployment in the lab or field.

Your Complete Raman Resource

Ocean Optics is proud to be the Raman spectroscopy partner of choice for both academia and industry. Our Raman portfolio offers you a complete range of suitable hardware for use with Ocean Optics SERS substrates. This includes the IDRamanfamily of products with Raster Orbital Scanning technology, which can further enhance the sensitivity and reproducibility of your SERS measurements. Our team of application scientists is ready to help specify the best combination of products for your application of SERS spectroscopy, from substrate through to software. Ocean Optics is the OEM partner of choice to companies large and small. If you have a specific application of SERS in mind, contact us about customizing our SERS technology for your application.

Vacuum Optic Holders

Vacuum Compatible Solutions

High precision/High stability

These are low outgassing mirror & lens holders which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.

vacuum lensvacuum mirror

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