Optics & Spectroscopy Solutions

Optics and Solution Spectroscopy

Our business in the field of optics is divided into two parts: optical and optomechanical instruments and spectroscopy solutions. In this category of products, we can provide everything needed for a Optical set-up such as light source, optical and optomechanical components and detection equipments.

In the field of optics and Optomechanics we can offer you a variety lenses, mirrors, filters, Holder, optical tables, manual and motorized stages, Vibration isolation systems and etc. used for research and industrial applications.

In the field of spectroscopy, we can offer a variety of modular set-ups for a variety of spectral analysis. A variety of different precision spectrometers that are used for various scientific research and industrial centers such as University and research institutes, medical and pharmaceutical centers, oil and petrochemical industries and etc.

We also supporting a large range of Application System product line up which are used in various fields of both R&D and Industry. This Product used for various applications such as measurement, inspection, evaluation and analysis. These products classified in optics and Optomechanics, the Application System category.