About us

ARA General Trading L.L.C is a full line Distributor of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instruments and Modular Spectroscopy System base on Miniature Spectrometer and Opto-Mechanics -Opto-Electronics Components as well as Process Analyzers.
ARA General Trading L.L.C is providing joint integrity solution to different fields including R&D Sector, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Food & Beverage and Environment Industries in the Middle East. Project Consulting and Contracting in the fields of Environment, Education and Industry. Research and Manufacturing of special Technologies.
Our goal is to discover and bring cutting edge products to the attention of our customers. ARA General Trading L.L.C is a serviceoriented company with our primary marketing focus on providing excellent customer service. We endeavor to provide our customers with a hassle free buying experience. It is ARA General Trading L.L.C policy to establish business relationships with specialized and quality committed companies and to supply products, services and consultancy that fully meet the specification, expectation and satisfaction of our clients and customers. This policy will be achieved in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.Our key strengths & Product divisions are as below :

1- Analytical Instruments
2- Laboratory Equipment
3- Spectroscopy, Optics and Opto-Mechanics

Analytical Instruments
Due to high-quality diagnostic applications, Analyzers are of most widely used laboratory equipment. We, in our company, supply various types of analyzers from leading brands to facilitate vast range of analysis applicable through industry.
Gas Chromatography (GC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Total Sulfur analysis, Total Nitrogen analysis, Total Chloride analysis, Mercury analysis and oil in water measurements are available categories to meet our customer demands in applying innovative technology of Analyzers.
Our community gives our esteemed customers the best output providing them with services of Design, Installation and maintenance.

Laboratory Equipment
ARA General Trading L.L.C, distributer of laboratory Equipment presents joint integrity solutions to help researchers and esteemed clients serving Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Water & Sewage Treatment, R&D Sectors, Mine and Environmental Industry to conduct reliable surveys and gain accurate results by introducing state-of-the-art products from brand-new worldwide manufacturers for sensitive monitoring, Research & Manufacturing of special Technologies.
We specialize in divisions comprising Analytical Instruments, Pure Gas Generators, Water Purifiers and Process Analyzers such as Dew Point, Flash Point, Cloud Point and Pour Point.
The company also provides laboratories with instruments and services including Glassware, Measuring Facilities of Density and Viscosity, Balance Equipment, Thermal Chambers such as Furnace and Oven, Conductivity meters and PH measurement tools.
ARA General Trading L.L.C policy is also offering services on Project Consulting and Contracting that fully meet the specification, expectation and satisfaction of customers in a professional, ethical and responsible manner with Guarantee and comprehensive After Sale Services.

Spectroscopy, Optics and Opto-Mechanics
The power of spectroscopy lies in its ability to probe materials and environments in a variety of different ways like Absorption/ Transmission, Reflection, Fluorescence, Raman, Irradiance and Color measurement. ARA.G.Trading is a leading company rooted in the opportunities enabled by new optical measurement technologies, active in nearly every market, industry and aspect of life. Also we are supplying a large range of optical components include Optics (High precision polishing optical products and high-quality coatings), Opto-mechanics (Holders, Manual positioning stages, Bases), Motion Control Application Systems (Motorized positioning stages), Light Sources ( LEDand Detectors).  Scope of the provided laser systems can cover high performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems, ultrafast lasers, supercontinuum white light lasers, low noise fiber lasers for imaging, sensing and material processing. This gives the opportunity to develop incredible solutions,  providing modules, sub-assemblies, and complete systems with the use optical techniques for solving  the most challenging problems in industry as well as human life.